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Ron Sayer Jr.

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The Wind Cries Mary cover by Ron Sayer on the Fender Telecaster

Here's my run though of the classic Hendrix song 'The Wind Cries Mary'. This is part of an hour long lesson available from the store at http://www.ronsayer.co.uk Please visit my channel http://www.you

"Hard to Please" Ron Sayer Jr & Charlotte Joyce

The title track from the brand new album 'Hard To Please'. Thanks to Paul Wooden and Barnaby Rose who appear on drums and bass. Filmed by Philip James of Philip James Photographer.com. The full album

Ron Sayer Jr "Dont Make Me Stay" - HQ Audio

Ron Sayer Jr "Piece Of Me" - Watermark Cafe, Scarborough

Recorded at the Watermark Cafe in Scarborough on the 29th, January, 2012. This song is on Ron's excellent new ep called Piece Of Me. Ron Sayer Jr - guitar and vocals Andy 'Mojo' Robinson - keys C

Ron Sayer Jr. Band - I ain't leavin - newark blues